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the first lady obt


finally a new mix.


a fine dance mix.


interview with first lady obt in wien international:

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photo by julia stix

interview with the first lady obt in "die presse"

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click on the sunny morningmix for a dreamy and easy morningmix,

sundaymornings would be best for this blend, but other days of the week might be just fine as well....


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click on the lazyleisurelounge for a delightfull lazy leizure lounge mix of the first lady obt.









by the First Lady obt






click on the tokyodiscomix for a smooth disco mix of the first lady obt.

or if soundcloud does not work, please find the mix on mixcloud.





click on the housemix  for a smooth and sophisticated nu disco and house set

by the first lady obt

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